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Expertrans, with over 12-year experience, is proud to be a professional and reliable provider of English translation and interpretation services. We have an extensive network of experienced and professional experts in the fields of translation and interpreting, who will ensure the accuracy and punctuality of your work. At Expertrans, you will receive the best service, provided by over 130 in-house staff and over 3,000 freelance translators, editors, proof-readers, and interpreters.

If your goal is to develop your business internationally, it is essential to choose a reliable English translation company, who can help you to translate your documents accurately.

Our experience in the language industry and our highly qualified translators enable us efficiently deal with all large projects. In terms of English translation, we handle all projects from small to large, in the fields of manufacturing, life sciences, finance-banking and IT/software. We have created our own translation process which we call “Perfect Translation” and have also developed our own Translation Memory and Term-Base Server.

What about our translators? We have translators and editors who are experts in many translating fields such as medical translation, business translation and chemical translation. In addition to their backgrounds in translation, they are also active in the translation community which helps them to keep up-to-date with new terms and concepts. This enables our translators to work closely with a network of other translators around the world, exchanging experiences and new developments to stay relevant.

Therefore, no matter whether you represent a small firm or are part of a large corporate organization, and regardless of the field you are working in, we offer superior quality and comprehensive English Translation Services, which include English translation to Asian languages.


Many life science companies rely on ExperTrans Global to provide an accelerated time-to-market for their products while preserving the high levels of quality needed to meet regulatory requirements. We have gained invaluable experiences and expertise working with giants in the pharmacy/medical field such as Sanofi, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Stada, APAC Pharma, NSK, CEREBOS by providing effective language solutions.

Drawing the most skilled resources from a host of freelancers situated around the globe, the translation and editing work is done by experienced medical/pharmacy translators. All assignments are prepared, organized, supported and managed by our expert medical/pharmacy team, who ensure that complex terminology is translated correctly and clearly for the target audience.

You can be confident with in our service quality and time management.


First and foremost, our team of translators and interpreters undergo a strict selection processes before they are chosen to provide English translation services. Thanks to this process, we have grown to 150 full-time employees, which includes 56 translators, editors and QC, and over 3,000 experienced and highly qualified freelancers.

In addition, Expertrans’ services are available at very competitive prices. We provide our clients with customized translation packages based on their demand and budget so that they can use the most suitable options for their chosen application.

Finally, we have had our quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015 and EN 15038 – 2000. That means you can be confident that your translation is performed accurately and to the highest standard.


Our Customer Service is available 24 hours per day and ready to provide you with details about our English translation services and many other services:

icon-envelope  Email/ skype at: lifesciences@expertrans.com

icon-map-marker Office in Germany: (+49) 30 72290354 – Ms. Sarah – Email / Skype: sarah@expertrans.com

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